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Doosan Robotics provides robotic Barista to Café Chain

23. May 2024

Doosan Robotics Inc., based in South Korea, has implemented its robot barista solution for a trial at the Mega MGC Coffee Konkuk Star store. Mega MGC Coffee, which opened over 500 new stores last year, is the second-largest coffee chain in Korea with 2,847 locations. Last year, Doosan Robotics entered into a memorandum of understanding with Ann House, the operator of Mega MGC Coffee, to enhance the working environment in domestic food and beverage franchises through automation. Industrial-style Robert arms and similar products generally require KCs certification in order to be approved for import and distribution in Korea.

The robot barista system designed by Doosan and Ann House allows for minimal employee movement and fits into the existing layouts of Mega MGC Coffee’s stores. Equipped with grinders and semi-automatic machines, the robot can prepare espresso efficiently, matching human baristas in speed. The companies aim to expand this trial to a few more stores soon and plan to present the results and benefits of this automated solution to other franchisees in the first half of the year.

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