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You need a product approval for South Korea? We will support you!

Making use of the experience and expertise of MPR Korea Certification will help to get your products approved in Korea faster.

Mandatory certifications can be a significant obstacle for entering the South Korean market. Smooth and successful management of the certification processes requires long-term experience and detailed planning. The Korean certification system consists of various approvals for different product categories with each having individual requirements.

The Korean certification system consists of various approvals for different product categories with each having individual requirements.

We can support you with the following certifications

KC Safety

The KC Safety approval is mainly concerned with products for end users or consumers. This certification system is divided into three main product categories: electronics, household products and products for children.

The complexity of the certification process is divided into three different types and depends on the product in question. The strictest certification mode also requires factory audits in addition to product tests in Korea.


Electronic products must prove electromagnetic compatibility as part of the KC EMC approval. This does not only apply to products with RF technologies. Depending on the place of manufacture, there are different ways to obtain the KC EMC approval.

Products with RF technologies must undergo a more stringent procedure and usually require product testing in Korea.


In the industrial sector, the KCs certification must be obtained from the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) for certain machines and safety equipment.

Depending on the specific product type, there are two different certification modes. These differ significantly in terms of their procedure, but both can present a complex hurdle for access to the Korean market.

KCs Ex Certification

In Korea, explosion-proof electrical components must obtain the KCs Ex certification. The certification must be obtained via the manufacturer and there is a choice between approval for a one-time delivery and a manufacturer certification.

Even if an existing IECEx certification can be used to simplify the process for both certification types, the approval procedure is often a challenge and should not be understood as a simple transfer of the IECEx certification.

KGS Factory Registration

A KGS factory registration is required for certain gas and pressure equipment. This is particularly relevant in view of the expansion of the hydrogen economy in South Korea. In addition to known products such as pressure vessels or safety valves, newer product categories such as fuel cells and electrolysers are also subject to approval.

The KGS factory registration is the first step and enables the respective plant to produce and export equipment to Korea. After obtaining the factory approval, an inspection at the product level is usually required.

The assignment of products to the respective certification sectors are not always clear. Each product must be carefully evaluated to check if it falls under the scope of existing regulations and certifications. We will be happy to support you in this process!