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POSCO revamps and restarts Furnace with Smart Technology

27. June 2024

POSCO, the world’s seventh-largest steelmaker, has restarted its No. 4 blast furnace at the Pohang Steel Works in South Korea after a significant upgrade. The more than $380 million investment introduced a smart system powered by deep learning to enhance productivity and reduce costs. This system allows the furnace to predict outcomes and self-regulate. Heavy industrial machines such as used in steel works often require KCs certification, in order to be approved for sale and use on the Korean market.

POSCO hopes for the furnace to bolster the company’s long-term competitiveness. The revamp included replacing old equipment and improving the cooling method, increasing the furnace’s efficiency. The furnace, with an internal volume of 5,600 cubic meters, has been operational since 1981 and underwent major renovations in 1994 and 2010. Steelmakers typically renovate furnaces every 15 years to maintain their operational cycle.

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