KC for Electronic Products

We support world leading manufacturers in the rapid certification of electronic products for the Korean market.

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KC-EMC Certification

We clarify the requirements for your product and ensure that your product is certified quickly and reliably.

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KCs - Korea Certification Mark for machines

Korea Certification is an excellent partner for KCs certification for machines. We ensure that you get your product approved quickly and reliably.

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KEMCO Certification

Korea Certification ist der ideale, strategische Partner für die KEMCO Zertifizierung. Wir unterstützen Sie bei allen Schritten zum koreanischen Energieeffizienz-Label.

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Korea Certification offers customized certification training to fit your company needs. Our trainer will come to your location and provide the training, up to date information and pass on valuable tips from our many years of experience. Call us today to learn more!

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MPR International

Since 2005, MPR International GmbH has been supporting companies around the world in obtaining the required product certifications for the Asian markets. With a strong team located worldwide, we can offer you the best solution for your enquiries.

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Samsung works on the next generation of storage media

In July 2022, Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled an improved storage medium that significantly reduces computing time and power consumption. The storage medium is called the second generation of smart solid state drives (SSDs). Experts expect that this innovation will further consolidate Samsung’s top position in the SSD market. According to company data, Samsung owns a 40.9 percent market share in the first quarter of 2022. Samsung is also the world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips and plans to mass produce the new high-performance SSDs starting in 2024. SSDs store their data in memory chips and are well on the way to replacing conventional hard disks with magnetic storage. In Korea, electronic products and components require KC certification for electronic products to be approved for sale and use.



The new Samsung SSD processes part of the data directly instead of having it calculated by the CPU. This reduces data traffic between hardware such as the CPU, GPU and RAM. Samsung claims that compared to current SSDs, computing time is reduced by 50 percent, power consumption is reduced by 70 percent, and CPU usage is reduced by 97 percent. According to Samsung, the new technology is designed to eliminate bottlenecks in data movement between storage media and CPUs. At the same time, system performance and energy efficiency increases. The new second-generation Samsung SSD could be used in applications with high computing power such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, deep learning, and 5G and 6G mobile networks.

Certifications for the Korean market are a complex hurdle and difficult to navigate due to different authorities and certification systems. With over 15 years of experience in the certification business, MPR International GmbH is your best resource for competent service when it comes to exporting to Korea. For example, KC Safety is relevant for electronics and household products mostly intended for consumers, as well as products for children and babies.

Feel free to contact us any time if you need assistance or have any questions regarding Korean certifications like KC, KC EMC, KCs, KCs for explosion safety products or KGS factory registration.

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