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Louis Gogger is new Managing Director of MPR International GmbH

7. March 2024

Frankfurt am Main – Louis Gogger took over the position of Managing Director of MPR International GmbH on March 1, 2024. Louis Gogger was previously Country Manager India and was largely responsible for the company’s market entry in the fast-growing and promising Indian market.

“Louis Gogger has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and a deep understanding of the dynamics of international markets. He has a clear vision for MPR International and will be able to significantly strengthen the momentum of our development,” says Julian Busch, who has been the sole managing director to date, commenting on this strategically important decision.

Louis Gogger joins the company with the aim of opening up new sales markets and further developing the company’s service portfolio. “The demand for certifications has increased significantly among German and European manufacturers over the past two years, especially for India and South Korea. We are also noticing a dynamization of the approval regulations and test requirements on the part of the authorities, which also requires the professionalization of certification projects. For OEMs and suppliers, as well as exporters, the need for professional advice is becoming increasingly clear,” he says, referring to the significant increase in sales that the company has recorded.

The increasing consideration of sustainability and environmental aspects is also accelerating the increase in approval requirements in the Asian markets.  MPR International will therefore adapt its personnel and region to these requirements in order to secure its market leadership for Asian certifications in the long term.

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About the author: Julian Busch is founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH
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