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KT introduces new services for automated warehouses

17. September 2020

South Korean telecommunications company Korea Telecom KT recently introduced its new automated warehouse services using a local 5G network and self-guided forklift trucks. The company uses this concept in its warehouse in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.



The new system includes two different automated material handling vehicles that can transport large or heavy loads or follow an employee through the warehouse while assembling a shipment. The vehicle collects data in real time, which helps employees to optimize logistics processes. According to Korea Telecom, the automatic vehicles have reduced the distances walked by employees by 47 percent. The company also plans to extend the technology to other industries or applications in the areas of production, warehousing and material handling.

A spokesman for KT said they will work to further develop this novel logistics concept, as an increase in logistics and supply chains is expected after the end of the coronavirus epidemic. After testing it in a warehouse, the company plans to offer its services to other industries such as hospitals or libraries.

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