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Industry’s first Neon Gas Recycling Technology developed by SK Hynix and TEMC

2. May 2024

SK Hynix Inc., alongside its South Korean partner TEMC Co., has achieved a significant milestone by developing the industry’s first neon gas recycling technology for chip manufacturing. This innovation promises substantial economic benefits, with SK Hynix anticipating savings of approximately 40 billion won ($30 million) annually by diminishing its dependency on imported neon gases. Such technology is crucial in the lithography process of chip production, where neon is essential for operating excimer and ultraviolet lasers. Products and components relevant to Gas Recycling Technology usually require a KGS Certification to be approved for import and use on the Korean market.

The collaborative effort between SK Hynix and TEMC spans over a year, focusing on a sustainable approach that also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.

In addition to economic savings, the new technology addresses environmental concerns by recycling neon gas that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere after use in chip production. SK Hynix and TEMC utilize a sophisticated system involving scrubbers and gas treatment processes to collect, purify, and reuse discharged neon. This approach not only conserves resources but also aligns with broader industry trends towards sustainability and reduced carbon footprints.

Notably, Korean chipmakers like Samsung have also committed to adopting recycled neon gas to decrease reliance on foreign supplies and enhance environmental sustainability in their operations. The strategic shift towards recycling neon gas underscores the industry’s responsiveness to supply chain vulnerabilities and environmental impacts, as historically, neon has been predominantly sourced from countries like Ukraine, Russia, and China.

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