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Hyundai Motor awards car semiconductor production to Korean manufacturers

1. July 2021

Hyundai Motor Group has disclosed some of its specifications for semiconductors and computer chips and shared them with Korean chipmakers. Analysts believe that Hyundai is taking this step to make itself less dependent on foreign chipmakers or suppliers. In addition, the company hopes to eliminate the current supply problems of computer chips by cooperating with Korean chip manufacturers. The distribution of microchips, and for other electronics, is regulated by KC certifications (Korea Certification) in South Korea, with the purpose to ensure the quality and safety of products.


Hyundai Motor Co. and Hyundai Mobis subsidiaries had recently shared some specifications for auto chips and semiconductors with potential South Korean manufacturers. The eight types disclosed include analog semiconductors including microcontroller controllers (MCUs), ICs for screen controls and power management ICs (PMICs). For the MCUs, it is known that they are 32-bit chips based on a 65 nm process.

Currently, Hyundai imports the vast majority of its chips and semiconductors from abroad. Suppliers include Infineon from Germany, ST Microelectronics from Switzerland, NXP from the Netherlands, and Texas Instruments from the United States.

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Robert Goral

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Robert Goral

Robert Goral