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Enhanced Safety Measures and Certification Criteria for Aerial Work Platforms and Industrial Lifts

15. February 2024

The regulations for the KCs Safety Certification and Safety Inspection for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) and industrial lifts have been revised as of September 1st. These updates are part of a broader initiative to enhance workplace safety by the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA). Work platforms and industrial elevators generally require KCs certification in order to be approved for import and distribution in Korea.

In response to the revisions, industrial lift operators handling equipment with a capacity of less than 0.5 tons are mandated to submit for safety inspections within six months from March 2nd 2024, the date these changes take effect. The Ministry of Employment and Labor has decided to forego administrative penalties like “suspension of operation” for those who apply for inspection within the designated period, recognizing the adjustment phase. Facilities that fail the initial inspection will be granted a period to make necessary improvements.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor, led by Minister Lee Jeong-sik, is set to implement significant updates to the safety standards for aerial work platforms and industrial lifts. Announced adjustments focus on the prevention of fatal accidents. These adjustments specifically target the enhancement of safety devices in aerial work platforms and comprehensive safety protocols for industrial lifts.

Key amendments for aerial work platforms include stricter manufacturing and safety criteria. These now specify the materials, quantity, and installation methods for over-rise prevention devices, which are required to be installed in accordance with defined heights and quantities. For industrial lifts, the new regulations require all lifts capable of carrying less than 0.5 tons to undergo safety inspections. Additionally, fall protection measures that were previously only required for operation heights of 10m or more are now required across the board, necessitating the installation of critical safety features such as impact dampening devices, slack rope detectors, and fall prevention systems to ensure comprehensive accident prevention.

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