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Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA)

21. July 2023

The Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA) is the main government organization for the protection of the health and safety of Korean workers. This also includes the the supervision of the KCs certification scheme for machines.

In the 1980s Korea established Occupational Health and Safety legislation that included the formation of KOSHA in 1987.
It’s primary goal is to protect workers health and safety and reduce occupational accidents as well as preventing industrial accidents.
Through accident prevention work in 1994 the rate of occupational accidents dropped under 1% for the first time.

Presently, KOSHA has about 1800 employees in 9 departments, 6 metropolitan offices, 10 regional branches and 11 area offices.

Certification of machines in Korea

One important function is the supervision and surveillance of dangerous machines through certification schemes. The most significant one is the KCs certification for machines, which KOSHA continually supervises and develops.
The authorities executing the KCs certification scheme under the guidance of KOSHA are for example Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) and Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL). An important area here is the KCs certification of explosion-proof electrical components.

Apart from certifications and inspections of dangerous machines, KOSHA provides technical support for workers and helps with the development of accident-prevention technologies. Additionally, it supports especially small business in their safety efforts by providing training, risk assessments and technical support as well as providing funding to improve occupational safety.

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Robert Goral

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Robert Goral

Robert Goral