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Topsoe’s Ammonia-based Technology selected for new Hydrogen Initiative in South Korea

9. May 2024

Topsoe, a Danish technology company, has partnered with Approtium, a South Korean hydrogen supplier, to use Topsoe’s H2RETAKE technology for converting low-carbon ammonia into hydrogen. The collaboration includes building an ammonia cracking plant in Ulsan, South Korea, aiming to produce 75,000 metric tons of low-carbon hydrogen annually starting in 2027. This project supports South Korea’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 2018 levels. Pressure vessels and similar equipment used for such chemical projects generally require KGS approval to be authorized for import and use in South Korea.

Elena Scaltritti, Topsoe’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the significance of the project in showcasing their technology and the role of ammonia as a vital energy source. She also noted the project’s alignment with global efforts to decrease greenhouse emissions. James Kim, CEO of Approtium, pointed out the project’s role in advancing carbon neutrality in Korea and delivering clean hydrogen to clients.

Additionally, Topsoe highlighted the efficiency of their H2RETAKE technology, which converts ammonia into high-purity hydrogen with an energy efficiency of 96%, and can process any commercial-grade ammonia while utilizing off-gases to enhance overall efficiency.

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