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Successful Conclusion of 2021

16. December 2021 The MPR Group looks back on an extremely successful 2021, even with the ongoing Covid-19 challenges. Many of our clients had to deal with delivery bottlenecks, high shipping costs and material shortages. Looking back, we can say that our clients overcame these hurdles very professionally and were still able to complete all projects successfully. Thanks to our clients and our motivated staff working hand in hand, there were no critical delays in our certification projects.     Our direct contacts within the certification authorities and testing laboratories in Asia have allowed us to continue to offer expedited services and certification completions comparable to pre-pandemic times. The pandemic changed the certification process due to travel restrictions, temporary shutdowns and customs delays. Fortunately, we were able to work with our clients, the test labs and the certification authorities to adapt and coordinate alternative methods and processes to meet our clients’ crucial deadlines. In many cases, the factory audits were carried out remotely and the exchange of information with the test laboratories was adjusted accordingly. From the beginning of the pandemic MPR Group hired additional staff, invested in IT infrastructure, implemented remote work from home and mapped out alternative plans to optimize capacities for the additional workload of the new processes of certifications.  The planning paid off and allowed us to offer our clients the efficient, seamless process they have come to expect from us. The consistent switch to working from home and the implementation of technical systems required for this were implemented very quickly and has proven successful. All certification projects are accompanied by an individual contact person who is replaced by a permanent representative in case of absence. This guarantees our clients continuous availability and a consistently high quality of service. We are very happy that in the end we did not get into the situation of having to carry out any substitutions due to illness, and that our masking, safe-distance and hygiene measures worked well, and we did not have a single Covid-19 infection transmitted among colleagues during the entire pandemic. In the meantime, our employees were able to take advantage of the vaccination and everyone in our offices is fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. The MPR Group wishes all employees, clients, family and suppliers a relaxing holiday season and a great start into the new year!

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About the author: Julian Busch is founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH
Publisher: MPR International GmbH

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