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South Korean HD Hyundai Infracore targets green equipment market

31. August 2023

HD Hyundai Infracore, the construction equipment manufacturer of the South Korean HD Hyundai Group, is pushing into the market of environmentally friendly equipment. This includes the launch of a small all-electric excavator for the global market next month. HD Hyundai Infracore, formerly Hyundai Doosan Infracore, will soon unveil the 1.7-tonne small excavator, which is powered by electric motors and batteries instead of a diesel engine, according to industry insiders. In addition to pollution-free operation, noise and vibration are also said to be lower thanks to the electric drive. The batteries for the excavator come from LG Energy Solution, the world’s second-largest e-vehicle battery manufacturer. For battery related products, KC certificationKCs certification or other Korean product certification is often required to be approved for the Korean market.

The excavator, which the company says will be suitable for country homes and farms, will cost around US$35,000 in South Korea. HD Hyundai Infracore presented the first prototype as early as 2020 and planned to introduce the electric excavator at the beginning of this year. However, the launch was delayed for marketing reasons. In addition, HD Hyundai Infracore and group subsidiary HD Hyundai Construction Equipment plan to develop more environmentally friendly machinery powered by batteries or hydrogen. According to the business magazine KED Global, the two companies will produce excavators with electric drives weighing up to 14 tonnes. HD Hyundai Construction plans to mass-produce a 1.9-tonne electric excavator next year. Larger construction machinery weighing more than 20 tonnes will be powered by hydrogen from 2026. Recently, HD Hyundai Construction also began developing plug-in hybrid construction machines that use a battery as an energy source for short distances and then switch on a diesel engine.

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