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SK E&S presents hydrogen-powered drone at CES

23. February 2023

SK Group’s natural gas division, SK E&S presented sustainable energy solutions at CES, which took place in January. At the US tech show in Las Vegas, SK E&S and partners showcased a fuel cell, hydrogen-powered drone and electric charging stations. Hydrogen is considered a green energy and a solution for achieving emission targets, as it does not emit pollutants when used. Hydrogen, or the fuel cell that runs on it, can be used to power forklifts, among other things. In the USA, SK E&S plans to market the GenDrive fuel cell and the GenFuel hydrogen dispenser together with the company Plug Power. SK E&S and its US subsidiary invested 1.6 billion US dollars in Plug Power last year. Machinery and components and products in this field often require KC certification to be approved for import and distribution in Korea.

SK E&S is also working on a hydrogen-powered drone that completed a 13-hour, 24-minute flight earlier this year, setting a record for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in its class. For propulsion, SK E&S uses liquid hydrogen, which has a higher energy density and stability than gaseous hydrogen. Drones with a tank for gaseous hydrogen can fly 26 times longer than drones with lithium-ion batteries and 6 times longer than drones with gaseous hydrogen as fuel. The Californian start-up EverCharge Inc., acquired by SK E&S, presented an EV charging solution for private users and the domestic sector called “COVE” at CES. At the show, SK E&S displayed diagrams for its CCUS technology, which can capture, store and use carbon dioxide from industrial processes. In Australia, SK E&S is pushing ahead with the development of a gas field where the CO₂ storage technology will be used. In May 2022, the South Koreans announced that they would invest in a project to capture and store up to 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide currently emitted by 32 bioethanol plants in the United States Midwest.

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