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Simplified approval process for chemicals to ensure better supply

1. July 2020

On 20 May 2020, the Korean Ministry of Environment reported that the simplified approval processes such as registration, evaluation and control of chemicals have led to a 61 percent increase in supply. In particular, the supply of special or difficult-to-obtain substances has improved. According to the ministry, the simplified approval process was applied to 15 types and 37 individual cases at a total of 32 companies.




The period for granting or amending an operating license of the above-mentioned companies was reduced from 75 to an average of 30 days. As a result, the supply of perishable chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid was increased from 105,000 to 166,000 tons. Accordingly, the registration of such substances was accelerated and the daily available quantity for the domestic chemical industry increased from 1,900 to 122,000 tons.

The simplified regulations were introduced in order to continue to provide companies in the semiconductor and battery manufacturing industries with the necessary raw materials and to avoid production interruptions. In recent months, the global outbreak of Covid-19 and a resulting export ban by Japan has led to shortages of chemicals in Korean industry.

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