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Simplification of the KC Standard for Children’s Playground Equipment Announced for Korea

18. January 2024

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea announced on January 5, 2024, that it has revised the safety standards for children’s products (children’s playground equipment) that are subject to the KC Safety Certification under the Children’s Product Safety Special Act.

Previously, for one-time installations of multiple models of playground equipment, each model, even if made of the same material, had to undergo individual hazardous chemical substance tests. However, the recent revision streamlines this process. Moving forward, only one model within such a group will be subjected to hazardous chemical substance testing for the same material.

This adjustment is designed to make the certification process more efficient while maintaining the highest safety standards for children’s play equipment. It will reduce the cost and time burden for manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, who produce children’s play equipment in small quantities or for specific purposes, such as playgrounds, schools, or amusement parks.

The ministry said that the revision will not compromise the safety of children’s play equipment, as it will still require the same level of quality and performance tests for each model. It also said that it will strengthen the post-management of safety standards, by conducting regular inspections and monitoring the market.

Kim Sang-mo, the director of the Product Safety Policy Bureau, said that the revision will help the children’s play equipment industry to grow and innovate, while ensuring the safety and health of children. He also urged the manufacturers to comply with the revised standards and obtain the KC certification before selling their products.

Different children’s products require a KC Safety approval. Here you can find out more about the KC Safety Certification.

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