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Samsung C&T to construct Korea’s first Power Plant Hydrogen Tank for over $100 Million

13. June 2024

Samsung C&T Corp., part of South Korea’s Samsung Group, has secured a 140 billion won ($103 million) contract to develop Korea’s first coal and hydrogen compound-fueled power generation infrastructure. The project, awarded by Korea Southern Power Co. (KOSPO), involves constructing a 30,000-ton tank to store and manage hydrogen compounds at KOSPO’s Samcheok plant in Gangwon Province. Pressure vessels and similar equipment related to the hydrogen industry generally require KGS approval to be imported and distributed in Korea.

Samsung C&T will handle the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the project, which is set to complete by July 2027. This includes a double-wall sealed tank to enhance safety, high-level gas detection and blocking systems, and a real-time environmental monitoring system.

The project aims to use carbon-free hydrogen compounds for 20% of KOSPO’s fuel mix, helping reduce greenhouse gases by 1.1 million tons annually. Samsung’s selection for this project is attributed to its expertise in global energy storage facilities and its collaboration with Whessoe Engineering Ltd., a UK-based specialist.

Samsung hopes this project will bolster its participation in future renewable energy initiatives both domestically and internationally.

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