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Samsung and LG introduce their All-in-One Washer-Dryers

28. March 2024

The market for all-in-one washer-dryers is expanding, led by South Korean giants LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics. These devices eliminate the hassle of reloading laundry between washing and drying. In Korea most household appliances require KCs certification in order to be approved for import and distribution.

LG and Samsung have been promoting their latest models with a focus on different strengths: LG focuses on energy efficiency through optimized drying performance, while Samsung scores with AI features and an affordable price. Both rely on heat pump technology for drying, a more energy-efficient solution than earlier, energy-intensive models. This technology protects the textiles through low-temperature dehumidification and halves energy consumption compared to traditional methods.

LG’s first model in this new era is the large-capacity “LG Signature Washer-Dryer” with inverter heat pump technology, while Samsung counters with the “Bespoke AI Combo”, which is priced below LG’s premium model. Both brands offer devices with similar base capacity and the ability to wash and dry a small load in as little as 99 minutes, increasing their appeal to consumers.

This push is a kick-off by LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics for the general introduction of innovative all-in-one washer-dryers into the home technology market. It remains to be seen which other models with advanced features and increased energy efficiency will prevail.

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