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New Regulations for wireless EV charging service approved

9. September 2021

Hyundai Motor has planned a remote charging system for battery-powered electric vehicles and has achieved approval by the Korean government, as announced this week.

The government aims to boost new business opportunities and technologies by changing regulations that may hamper incentives for innovation. Hyundai Motor’s project entails cordless charging of electric cars. The concept involves receivers installed on the vehicles and at electric charging stations. Such a vision was previously impossible due to missing laws which would grant the use of frequency bands for car charging processes. The approval of the project is supposed to enable further expansion of electric vehicles and improve customer convenience, according to the ministry.

Experts hope for a further increase in EV distribution numbers on the Korean market, which has already established itself as one of the strongest expanding markets worldwide. Production has recovered strongly after the covid crisis, with increasing demands in production resources and technical components. Korean EV carmaking continues to be dependent on import of industry related products through international supply lines, which in turn requires KC, KC EMC, KCs and other Korea certification processes to ensure conformity of the products with Korean safety and quality regulations.


With this development Hyundai Motor is on its way to become the first Korean carmaker using wireless charging technology for its EVs. Testing is supposed to start by the fourth quarter this year to collect data to prepare for related infrastructure. These plans also include wireless charging for e-scooters, enabling remote charging.

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