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We clarify the requirements for your product and ensure that your product is certified quickly and reliably.

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Korea Certification is an excellent partner for KCs certification for machines. We ensure that you get your product approved quickly and reliably.

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Korea Certification ist der ideale, strategische Partner für die KEMCO Zertifizierung. Wir unterstützen Sie bei allen Schritten zum koreanischen Energieeffizienz-Label.

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Korea Certification offers customized certification training to fit your company needs. Our trainer will come to your location and provide the training, up to date information and pass on valuable tips from our many years of experience. Call us today to learn more!

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MPR International

Since 2005, MPR International GmbH has been supporting companies around the world in obtaining the required product certifications for the Asian markets. With a strong team located worldwide, we can offer you the best solution for your enquiries.

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New KC EMC Standards to become mandatory in May

The Korean Radio Research Agency (RRA) circulated new standards for KC EMC in their Announcement No. 2021-10 on February 8.

The changes take effect three months after publication and thus the new standards will be mandatory from May 9, 2021.

For KC EMC approvals it means that test reports on the technical requirements for electromagnetic compatibility will have to comply with and show the new standards in order to be accepted.



The following table provides a comparison between the old and new standards:

Old standards New standards
KN 16-1-1 KS C 9816-1-1:2020
KN 16-1-2 KS C 9816-1-2:2020
KN 16-1-3 KS C 9816-1-3:2017
KN 16-1-4 KS C 9816-1-4:2020
KN 16-1-5 KS C 9816-1-5:2020
KN 16-2-1 KS C 9816-2-1:2020
KN 16-2-2 KS C 9816-2-2:2020
KN 16-2-3 KS C 9816-2-3:2020
KN 16-2-4 KS C 9816-2-4:2017
KN 16-2-5 KS C 9816-2-5:2020
KN 61000-3-2 / KN 61000-3-12 KS C 9610-3-2:2020 / KS C 9610-3-12:2020
KN 61000-3-3 / KN 61000-3-11 KS C 9610-3-3:2020 / KS C 9610-3-11:2017
KN 61000-4-2 KS C 9610-4-2:2017
KN 61000-4-3 KS C 9610-4-3:2017
KN 61000-4-4 KS C 9610-4-4:2020
KN 61000-4-5 KS C 9610-4-5:2020
KN 61000-4-6 KS C 9610-4-6:2020
KN 61000-4-8 KS C 9610-4-8:2017
KN 61000-4-11 KS C 9610-4-11:2020
KN 61000-4-9 KS C 9610-4-9:2019
KN 61000-2-2 KS C 9610-2-2:2017
KN 61000-2-4 KS C 9610-2-4:2017
KN 11 KS C 9811:2019
KN 60601-1-2 KS C IEC 60601-1-2:2007
KN 60974-10 KS C 9974-10:2020
KN 60255-26 KS C IEC 60255-26:2020
KN 41 KS C 9990:2017
KN 301 489-51 KS C 9995:2021
KN 14-1 KS C 9814-1:2020
KN 14-2 KS C 9814-2:2020
KN 15 KS C 9815:2019
KN 61547 KS C 9547:2020
KN 60 KS X 3141:2015
KN 301 489-1 KS X 3124:2020
KN 301 489-17 KS X 3126:2020
KN 301 489-52 KS X 3129:2020
KN 301 489-6 KS X 3128:2014
KN 301 489-13 KS X 3131:2014
KN 301 489-5 KS X 3127:2014
KN 301 489-3 KS X 3125:2020
KN 301 489-9 KS X 3130:2014
KN 301 489-50 KS X 3135:2020
KN 301 489-18 KS X 3132:2014
KN 301 489-15 KS X 3136:2014
KN 301 489-2 KS X 3137:2014
KN 301 489-27 KS X 3134:2014
KN 301 489-32 KS X 3138:2015
KN 301 489-20 KS X 3139:2014
KN 62040-2 KS C 9040-2:2017
KN 60947 KS C IEC 60947-1:2017 / KS C IEC 60947-2:2019 / KS C IEC 60947-4-1:2016
KN 32 KS C 9832:2019
KN 35 KS C 9835:2019
KN 61800–3 KS C 9800-3:2017
KN 12015 KS B 6955:2019
KN 12016 KS B 6945:2019
KN 17 KS X 3143:2020
KN 61000-6-3 KS C 9610-6-3:2017
KN 61000-6-1 KS C 9610-6-1:2019
KN 61000-6-4 KS C 9610-6-4:2017
KN 61000-6-2 KS C 9610-6-2:2019
KN 100 KS C 9991:2019
KN 101 KS C 9992:2019
KN 160 KS C 9993:2019
KN 15194 KS C 9994:2021


If you have products for which a KC EMC registration for electromagnetic compatibility is required we would be happy to support you with the registration under these new standards.

For products with radio technologies, KC EMC certification is also required to gain access to the South Korean market. This applies to products with radio technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID or other wireless communication technologies. MPR International GmbH has solid experience in Korea certification and competent local partners.

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding Korean certifications such as KCKC EMCKCs or KCs for explosion safety products, feel free to contact us any time.

Tel.: +49-69-2713769259
Email: info@korea-certification.com

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