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Lotte Chemical joins hands with RWE and Mitsubishi to embark on an ammonia venture

9. February 2023

Lotte Chemical has joined forces with RWE, a German energy giant, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp. to form a world-wide partnership focused on clean ammonia. This partnership aims to establish a comprehensive system for the production and distribution of clean ammonia across Asia, Europe, and the United States, with a joint effort by all partners involved. Machinery and equipment involved in the production of chemicals often requires KC or KCs certification in order to be approved for the Korean market.

The first milestone in this venture was achieved on 7th February, when the three companies gathered at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul to officially sign a Joint Study Agreement (JSA).
The Joint Study Agreement (JSA) signed by the three companies has set the stage for a collaborative effort to launch production and export of clean ammonia (blue and green) at the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas, the largest energy export terminal in the United States. The project has ambitious goals, with plans to gradually produce a maximum of 10 million tons of clean ammonia, beginning in 2030. This ammonia will then be exported to Asia and Europe through shared shipment facilities.
The Corpus Christi area boasts a wealth of natural gas resources, making it a prime location to harness the power of renewable energy. Its abundant resources and advantageous location, along with its well-developed export infrastructure, including top-notch port facilities, make it an ideal spot for producing clean ammonia.

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