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KOGAS begins production of liquid hydrogen using cold energy from its liquefied natural gas plant

2. September 2021

Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) will soon begin producing liquid hydrogen using released cooling energy from its liquefied natural gas plant. KOGAS announced on May 30 that it has entered into a strategic partnership with GS Caltex regarding the production and distribution of liquid hydrogen. The two companies plan to build a large-scale hydrogen liquefaction plant with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons. The hydrogen produced will initially be sold in the Seoul metropolitan area, and later in the central region of South Korea. Major projects in this area mean increased use and production of industrially relevant parts, components and equipment, of which most must undergo KC certification or KCs certification for explosion-proof products for the Korean market.



The project will split hydrogen from natural gas and convert it into liquid hydrogen. The cooling energy required for this will come from the company’s own liquefied gas plant. The liquid hydrogen will then be transferred to tank trucks and delivered to filling stations. The plant is scheduled for completion in December 2024. Liquid hydrogen is easier to store and transport than in gas form, as its volume is reduced by a factor of 0.00125.

Production at KOGAS has the advantage of saving around 30 percent of costs due to the otherwise unused cooling energy of the liquid natural gas plant. The process at KOGAS of using the cooling energy from liquid natural gas to produce liquid hydrogen is unique in the world. The cooling energy is generated when the aggregate state of the delivered liquefied gas changes to gas form. This produces around 200 Kcal of cooling energy per kilogram. Previously, this energy was lost to the ambient air or seawater. Its recent use as an environmentally friendly energy source respectively cooling energy has attracted the attention of numerous companies to this process.

South Korea is considered one of the most important and innovative industrial nations in the world. In order to gain market access to this highly technological country, products imported into South Korea must be tested and certified. The KC mark or KC certificate is roughly equivalent to the European CE mark and applies to 730 different products. MPR International GmbH has solid experience in Korea certification and competent local partners. We gladly advise you without obligation about the scope and procedure of a Korea certification.

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding Korean certifications like KC, KC EMC, KCs or KCs for explosion safety products, feel free to contact us any time.

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