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KGS plans two New Hydrogen Safety Inspection Facilities

30. May 2024

This year, South Korea will launch two new hydrogen safety inspection facilities in accordance with the Hydrogen Act. The Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) is set to open the Hydrogen Products Test and Evaluation Center in Eumseong-gun in March, and the Hydrogen Appliance Test & Inspection Center in Wanju-gun in June. Pressure vessels and similar products require KGS registration to be approved for import and use on the Korean market.

The Eumseong facility, costing over 25 billion won, will feature diverse testing equipment and is nearly operational. The Wanju facility, with an almost 50 billion won investment, will start inspecting four types of hydrogen appliances in June. Both centers are crucial for ensuring that hydrogen appliances meet safety standards before their domestic release. Additionally, KGS will transfer 36 types of inspection equipment to the Wanju center from a temporary location at its headquarters.

The establishment of these two new hydrogen safety inspection facilities marks South Koreas commitment to fortify the safety standards of hydrogen appliances but also to bolster the domestic hydrogen industry’s growth and reliability.

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