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Hyundai Motor exports first fuel cell system to Europe

3. December 2020

South Korea’s largest car manufacturer Hyundai Motor maintains its leading role in the field of hydrogen technology by exporting fuel cells. The delivery to a Swiss company is the first export of fuel cells instead of complete hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hyundai’s 95 kilowatt fuel cell system, which typically powers the Nexo SUV, will soon be delivered to the Swiss company GRZ Technologies as well as to another European start-up in the emergency power supply sector. According to the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Hyundai’s deliveries are expected to increase in 2022, after European companies have completed a one-year test phase of the system.



GRZ Technologies has its own metal-hybrid technology for hydrogen storage and is currently developing compressors and sensors for the serial production of its systems. The systems can store five to ten times the amount of hydrogen than conventional tanks at a low pressure of less than 10 bar. Hyundai Motor and GRZ Technologies have been working together on this technology since October 2019. Decisive for the export of the first units was the announcement of the European Commission of its strategy with hydrogen as energy carrier of the future. With the help of clean energy from hydrogen, the EU wants to reduce its CO2 emissions and become climate neutral by 2050.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor has built the world’s first production line for hydrogen-powered trucks and delivered 10 vehicles to Switzerland. It is hoped that this will further strengthen its leading role in the hydrogen sector in Europe. In addition, the company is in talks with 20 other interested companies from the USA and China. Hyundai CEO Chung Euisun confirmed in July the importance of hydrogen for the global energy economy. In his opinion fuel cells will be used in the future to generate energy in airplanes, ships, trains and houses. Last month Hyundai already signed an agreement with Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and the Fortescue Metals Group to research new hydrogen technologies. MPR International GmbH offers certification services in South Korea for all product areas, including KC certification for consumer products and especially electronics, KC EMC certification for electronic produts, and KC’s certification for machinery and explosion-proof products. We are at your disposal for any questions about Korea certifications.c

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