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Hankook tyre service collaborates with charging station provider

9. March 2023

Back in December 2022, South Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook Tire signed a memorandum of understanding with Daeyoung Chaevi (referred to as “Chaevi” in the following text). The cooperation is to build more infrastructure to facilitate access to charging stations in response to the increasing number of EVs in South Korea. According to a report by Business Korea, Chaevi is one of the leading providers of EV charging stations in the Asian country. Production around charging stations and e-mobility in general requires components and equipment, many of which need KC certification to be approved for import and distribution in Korea.

Under the agreement, Chaevi charging stations will be located on the premises or in the buildings of T-Station, Hankook’s tyre and car service company. This is to make it easier for customers to charge their EVs while visiting T-Station. The two companies also aim to become more customer-friendly for EV owners and actively promote their cooperation in the EV sector. Chaevi says it is one of the leading providers in South Korea with more than 4,000 charging stations and is currently expanding into foreign markets such as the US and Europe.

Hankook Tire is currently offering customers credit for using Chaevi charging stations as part of the launch of its new “Hankook iON” EV tyre range. Hankook’s tyre service T-Station offers online-to-offline services in more than 460 locations. It offers customers standardised maintenance and repair services with the latest equipment and trained professionals. In the online shop “”, customers can conveniently and easily purchase tyres from home and have them mounted in the workshops. Hankook describes itself as an innovation leader for EV tyres and underlines this by supplying tyres to the world’s largest EV manufacturers. Hankook was also the exclusive supplier and technical partner of the ABB FIA Formula E racing series in 2022.

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