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German company receives license for LG’s vacuum cleaner robot

24. September 2020

On June 1, the South Korean company LG Electronics announced that it had signed a licensing and patent utilization agreement with Miele, a German company leading the market for domestic appliances in Europe. The agreement allows Miele to produce and sell robot vacuum cleaners using LG Electronics’ patented technology. Previously, only the US company GE Appliance had such a license. The agreement with Miele includes three important patents held by LG Electronics for its vacuum cleaner robots.



These patents include automatic location of the charging station, sensors in the dust container filter and the coupling of the drive to the lower brush. LG Electronics has a total of more than 700 registered patents for vacuum cleaner robots. For another important product, refrigerators with an icemaker in the door, LG Electronics has already concluded an agreement with GE Appliance in June 2019. The patent is a key technology for the drinking water filters and ice-makers in the door of a refrigerator, which are widely used and popular in North America. In this area, LG Electronics has more than 400 registered patents worldwide for icemakers in refrigerator doors.

For import or sale in South Korea, household appliances are subject to KC certification (also called KC mark). The KC-Mark or KC certificate corresponds approximately to the European CE mark and applies to 730 different products. The main purpose of KC certification or Korea Certification is to identify and contain a potential risk to the health and safety of consumers. We would be pleased to advise you without obligation regarding Korea Certification and would be pleased to carry out this for you.

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