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BMW to Introduce more EV Charging Options in Korea

11. January 2024

BMW Korea is spearheading efforts to enhance the environment and infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) in Korea. The company recently announced its plan to set up an additional 1,000 EV chargers nationwide, further developing Korea’s EV infrastructure. This expansion is part of the “Charging Next” project, where the chargers will be installed in various public spaces, including discount marts, ensuring accessibility to all EV users, regardless of their vehicle brand. Many components and production equipment for EV chargers and related electric vehicles technology require KC Safety certification in order to be approved for import and sales on the Korean market.

Presently, BMW operates approximately 920 chargers in Korea, with a goal to expand this number to 1,100 by year’s end. The cumulative total of BMW chargers will then reach 2,100, accounting for about half of all chargers provided by automotive brands in the country.

Korea holds the distinction of being the leading market for BMW’s 5 Series globally. In response to this significant customer base, BMW is focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction in Korea by expanding EV and charging options. On Monday, BMW announced plans to introduce two additional plug-in hybrid models of the 5 Series to the Korean market next year. This is in addition to the five powertrain versions already available, which include gasoline, diesel, and pure electric variants.

Highlighting the significance of the Korean market, BMW selected Korea as the debut country for the launch of the 5 Series. The company world premiered the updated 5 Series in Korea in May 2020, a first for any country. Additionally, last year, BMW inaugurated the M Performance Garage in central Seoul, a service center dedicated to its high-performance M models. This center, initially exclusive to Korea, has now been replicated in other countries.

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