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25 KS planned for Autonomous Driving by 2025

14. March 2024

Over the course of the last year, a panel of 300 Korean experts (the Autonomous Forum for Vehicle Standardization) formulated a plan that should lead to the adoption of at least 25 new KS (Korean Standards) by 2025 to cover the field of “autonomous driving”. The desired standards should cover important, fundamental topics, such as data standards or standards for core components such as lidar, cameras, etc. The Korean KS Standards define the mandatory KC Safety, KCs Certification and other product certifications that products must fulfill in order to be approved for the Korean market.

The plan (‘Strategy for Promoting Autonomous Vehicle Standardization’) aims to ensure the safety and beneficial value of rapidly developing new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

To this end, data attributes such as the processing of traffic signals or the perception of the course of the road must also be covered by specific standards in order to enable the use of these new technologies in a meaningful way.

Furthermore, test requirements are also to be formulated that must be placed on core components such as lidar, displays and others in order to be able to guarantee the quality and safety of these elements.

In the course of these developments, standards for service models will also be created to access autonomous driving.

Accordingly, in addition to the 25 new CS made, an additional 30 new CS are to be formulated by 2025.

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