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Hyundai Mobis develops wheels that can turn 90 degrees

Hyundai Mobis Co, the auto parts manufacturer of Hyundai Motor Group, is working on a technology that allows vehicle wheels to rotate 90 degrees. This allows for tighter turning radius as well as easier parking. The technology should also enable the development of vehicles with a so-called “crab walk” – driving sideways like the movement of a crab. Eventually, even 360-degree rotation could be possible. On 24 October, Hyundai unveiled the technology, called the “e-corner” module, reports the Korea Economic Daily. The module already integrates all the necessary components such as the motor, steering, brakes and suspension. According to Hyundai Mobis, the technology reduces the effort of wiring various mechanical parts and wheels; instead, one module can be installed depending on the wheelbase requirements. This also eliminated constraints in the design of a new vehicle, such as the vehicle dimensions and opening direction of the doors. Car manufacturers are able to use the e-corner module to build purpose-built vehicles according to customer requirements. This includes commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles, according to Hyundai Mobis. Components needed for the production of such automotive systems usually require KC certification so that they can be classified as meeting Korea’s safety standards and introduced into the Korean market.



Currently, vehicles with conventional wheels and suspension have a steering rod on the axle that allows a maximum rotation of 30 degrees. The e-corner module, on the other hand, allows the vehicle to move transversely for parallel driving. A 360-degree rotation while stationary is also said to be possible. This makes the vehicles easier to manoeuvre in narrow environments such as inner cities. Before series production can begin, Hyundai Mobis still has to subject the e-corner module to load and reliability tests. In addition to the wheel module, Hyundai is also working on a platform for attaching the drives. The so-called skateboard module is the basis for future EVs. It contains the most important components such as steering and brakes as well as controls for the batteries and e-motors. Hyundai expects to be able to offer its customers skateboard-based vehicles with e-corner modules in 2025. Then there should also be vehicles that can drive autonomously.

South Korea is considered one of the most important and innovative industrial nations in the world. To gain market access to this highly technological country, products imported into South Korea must be tested and certified. The KC mark or certificate is roughly equivalent to the European CE mark and applies to 730 different products. MPR International GmbH has solid experience in Korea certification and competent local partners. We will be pleased to advise you without obligation about the scope and procedure of a Korea certification.

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Verena Numssen

About the author: Verena Numssen is managing director of MPR International GmbH

Publisher: MPR International GmbH

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